Right-clicking (to explode a CAD component) causes Sketchup 2022 to crash

I’ve been having strange crashing issues. I’ve recently just received my new MacBook Pro laptop with the M1 Max chip…I really shouldn’t be having any issues on the computer front…but every time I try to right-click on the CAD drawing to explode it, I get the spinning wheel forever. Another strange development is when I restart I don’t get a bug splat report in order to properly report this to tech support.

Also…the same issue was happening for a while when I would try to delete the default human figure in the scene.

Kinda desperate with deadlines approaching. Can anyone help?

The spinning wheel is telling you that SketchUp is busy executing your command, in this case exploding.
So SketchUp didn’t crash and that’s why you don’t get a bug splat report!
So you will have to have more patience

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Just an aside: Why do you want to explode the imported CAD linework? You get a mess to clean up. It is usually better to use the CAD as a guide to model your walls with SketchUp tools.

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I realize I actually didnt specify…I dont even get the chance to select explode. it freezes WHEN I right-click…the menu doesn’t even get a chance to pop up. I’ve tested it with both a brand new model, and one made using an older version.

What if you open a new file, draw a rectangle, and right click on it? Do you get the Context menu then?

I want to explode the component so I can resize the plan. its a long story, but its actually from an illustrator file…not AutoCAD. so the scale (when I bring it in) is about the size of an 11x17.

You can resize without exploding…

I just tested making a simple rectangle…grouping…and when I right click…spinning wheel forever again.

So that sounds like SketchUp isn’t installed correctly. Try reinstalling it and then power the computer completely off and restart it.

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Thank you for working with me on this…I think you’re right.

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Sometimes the first step is to try simplifying the problem.

Or perhaps there is a misbehaving extension that is attempting to add a function to the context menu before it pops up?

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