Sketchup model crashes when trying to explode a 3D model (imported from CAD)

Please can someone assist me, I keep trying to explode my 3D model (that was imported from CAD) however the moment I click explode it crashes out. I am using a Mac OS. The file size is 3.8 MB. I need it to be exploded in order to work on a smaller section of the house. I’ve already tried to open the group, then cut / copy and paste to the outside space aswell as to a brand new template, but it crashes when I try to do that aswell. Not sure if anyone has a solution ?

You need to share the model so someone can help. (You can drag and drop your file into forum post up to ~16MB size)

In your forum profile you mentioned Free Plan of SketchUp version 2020. There is no such a free version, or are you using a cracked software?