Crashing when trying to explode each time

I imported a full floor plan into SketchUp from AutoCAD, and it’s placed in the origin and imported as a component. Every time I try to explode it so I can pull unnecessary things out and make it smaller, it crashes my program completely.

Does it actually crash or does it just stop responding?
Some imported files can take a very long time to explode and it can seem to be frozen.
You may just have to wait.
Or make a cleaner export from Autocad. Remove all the things that arent needed or are incompatible before you import the file.
You could add the cad file here for one of us to check.

It says it’s not responding and then I’ve waited for about 20 minutes. Should I wait longer? It’s a single floor of an office but it has full furniture, etc. The only thing I’m going to remove are grid-lines, and then I have to add more to the file.

Why do you want to explode it? Just double click to open it for editing.

I pulled said above objects out before exploding, but I have to place certain things and render it and it’s a huge pain to have it not exploded. I’ll try being patient with it. Thank you!

I must admit I don’t understand why it is a problem to have it unexploded however, if you want to have things from within the component moved outside the component so they aren’t nested, you could do that with the outliner. Simply drag the nested groups or components out of the main component. This will probably help you reduce the amount of geometry you need to explode.

@kyliereed, can you send us the file for analysis.

Having the same issue, but with a rendering of a machine made in solidowrks. I am exploding to edit colors of certain portions of the machine so the item is customized to the customers specifications.

Once again it leaves me asking the question, Why do you need to explode?
Understanding the basics may help you, otherwise, explain your problem fully.

Whatever the reason behind why we want to explode it, we just want the Solution of crashing while we exploding things in SketchUp.

Is it crashing or not responding? The two are very different and are caused by very different things.