SketchUp crashes when exploding an AutoCAD dwg import

SketchUp keeps crashing in every attempt to explode a group. I would like to pull separate faces from the contour map I’ve imported from AutoCAD, but every time I explode it, the app stops responding, then immediately closes.
sndbx.skp (5.4 MB)

I reorganized the content of your model to capture the entities with each tag into separate groups, tagging each group, and then setting all edges and faces to be untagged (as should always be the case in SketchUp, but isn’t how they usually arrive from AutoCAD). Then I copied the large face you had into the contours group and did intersect faces in an attempt to create any faces that might occur. It took a long time but eventually finished (there are almost 93000 edges in the contours!). Unfortunately, very few of the contours are closed shapes, so only a couple of smaller faces resulted. But it didn’t crash when done that way. In case it helps you, here is the result. These actions almost doubled the size!

sndbx.skp (10.6 MB)

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Thank you so much for the help right here! I could finally work on the model smoothly with the reorganized version. Would definitely keep the solution in mind for improvement :slight_smile: I really appreciate the kind gesture! Good day!