SketchUp crashes when exploding group

Why does SketchUp 2020 crash why I explode a single group or try to copy its contents outside the group?
Did CleanUp by ThomThom. Didn’t help.

I sure do have some partially overlapping faces but that shouldn’t make entire program crash!
Also, I don’t think that overlapping faces cause the issue because the smaller part of the group (the road net without green colour) has them and can be copied with no harm. Only “extracting” the bigger part with green field drives SketchUp to crash.

crash.skp (1.6 MB)

I was able to download and explode your model without issue. It did take about 5 seconds to think about it, but it did not crash.

Could you please send me the result, saved in sketchup 2020 or older?
Why does it crash in my computer and not in yours? Do you think I may have some “corrupting” plugin installed?

Sure of course. Here’s the file.
crash_ungrouped.skp (2.0 MB)

Thank you! Which version of sketchup do you use? Do you have many plugins installed?

Works for me in both Web and Desktop. Interestingly, entities jumps from 23872 within the group to 27263 in Web and 27265 in Desktop as selected after explode, but climbs to 28554 and 28563 with Select All. There’s 1281 unselected faces, which doesn’t even add up. That’s without exploding the two small groups. Need more coffee now…

I just installed SU 2021 specifically for performing this explosion. No plugins installed and it still crashes :frowning:
Even if I paste the geometry exploded by Monospaced to my bigger context model and draw some extra edges, it keeps crashing.
I am devastated.

Checked on two computers, with two newest versions of SketchUp. The file was originally made with 2020. Every time crashing. Why does it not crash for you? It is insane!

I happen to be investigating crashing on explode issues at the moment. I think I’m homing in on what the problem really is. But, like everyone else, I could explode your model without a problem.

One work around that may help is to go into the group, select all, scale, to 10, then exit the group and explode it. After that select everything and scale it to .1, to get back to the original size.

It crashes when I scale to 10.

This is pretty odd. There’s nothing particularly odd about the geometry or anything that I can figure out at all. The only thing I can point out with confidence is that both @colin and I are on macOS, and you are on Windows. Beyond that I see no difference that would seem significant.

I can think of other workarounds, depending on how far you need to go with this project.

Can you edit geo in the exploded upload or within the original file (without exploding) without crashing?

Can you paste your larger context model into either, rather than the other way around?

What happens if you simply try on web?

Can someone with Windows drop here as well and tell if they experience crashes too?

I opened the model in sketchup web and exploded it with no problem, but when I pasted the exploded geometry to my context model and drew a single edge, it crashed.

Also tried the opposite way: pasted my context geometry into the model with the “properly” exploded naughty group. Drew an edge. Crashed.

The “exploded group” model itself crashes too, but only a certain part of mesh is prone to crash. I highlighted it with a red square. In other parts I can make edits, and it’s fine.

Good idea to point that out. So far all of the crashing issues I’ve seen affected Mac as well as Windows, but with your file it’s fine on Mac, but crashes with Windows 10. Your model also crashes on resizing the inner geometry, which is related to the same issue.

I will try other work arounds, but otherwise I will start using your file as a test case.

Kindly please, try to find some solution as soon as you can.

Some geometry was imported from Blender via OBJ format, but so far it’s been working with no trouble.
I don’t know what else can be helpful. For filling the big green faces I used Eneroth Face Creator plugin. Before that, there were only roads as faces, with empty spaces between them.

My friend tested it on Windows 10 too, exploded the group, and it didn’t crash.
I totally don’t understand that.

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Are there any ideas for solution?

I opened your file on my PC and purged unused. Then I ran cleanup to get rid of a bunch of unneeded stuff. Finally, I exploded the group with no problem. I think the problem is some bad geometry.
Screenshot - 1_14_2021 , 4_23_05 PM

Screenshot - 1_14_2021 , 4_23_36 PM

Is there a reason that the geometry is nearly 10 kilometers from the origin?

Please, share me a screenshot of your CleanUp settings. I did exactly what you did - purge unused, then cleanup. Still crashes.

The reason it’s far from origin is that it was pasted in place from a far larger model. I’m working in urban scale.

Maybe someone could take a closer look if I did them a real-time screenshare?