Sketchup crashing everytime I make or edit groups

Hey guys, pretty novice sketchup user here, but encountering an issue with my sketchup files where it keeps crashing on my iMac when I open a model I’ve been working in previously and I select anything that is grouped. I’m able to click on a line or plane of a box I created that isn’t grouped, but the moment I group it, the program crashes. I was having the same issue a few days ago, so I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it again and it seemed to work, but now it’s doing it again. Any ideas what might be causing the problem?

Which version of SketchUp are you using?

Sketchup Pro 2017 Version 17.2.2554

Thanks. You should upgrade to the 17.3.x version if you’re on High Sierra.

Cool, I’ll try that. Thanks.

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