SketchUp crashing when making large group


I have been creating a complex of three historic buildings for my project. For a few weeks I have been making a VERY complex room interior for the main building. But everytime I want to group the room to enable me to move it inside the building. SketchUp says not responding and then crashes. Why can’t I group the interior and why do I have this crashing problem? :frowning:

How large is the file? Does SketchUp actually crash or does it just stall? If your file is large, highly detailed, lots of textures, etc. it could take awhile to select everything for grouping. One thing you might try is purging unused stuff from your model. (Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused). Also make sure you are using layers correctly and that ALL edges and faces are on Layer 0 and Layer 0 is active.

What is the graphics card? Sometimes this sort of thing is graphics related.

Also, your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free(Web) although you’ve posted this in the SketchUp Pro forum. Which version are you actually using?

My SketchUp Pro was registered via my personal account and I started on SketchUp with my Google account.

As this bug referred to SketchUp Pro. I am therefore using a different account to SketchUp forums.

None of that does anything to help you with your problem and at this stage it is not clear that this is a bug with SketchUp. You haven’t answered any of the questions I asked in an attempt to help you. There is no reason to put incorrect information in your profile.

If you would like help with your issue, help us help you.

How about uploading the file so we can see what you’ve got?

I have not filled in any incorrect information. The SketchUp Pro account was created recently by the reseller via my personal email. This account was made through Google and is in no way connected to the Pro account. I don’t see why that should be a problem?

Anyway this problem has now also been solved.
Thank you for your help.