SketchUp crashes when I try to un-group my model

I have been making a architectural model suitable for 3D printing. Free of textures - just a clean slate model.
Yesterday I have made a group in order to downscale the building, and now I want to ungroup the model so I can split it into easier sections for 3D printing.
But SketchUp just crashes. I have waited 4+ hours for this to ungroup. Is there a solution to this?

Try accomplishing the task splitting the model into manageable sections while it is full size.
Then scale the model down.

That I understand but, I have to otherwise redo half of the building. The sizes that I have are quite complicated.

Did SketchUp crash or did it not crash?

A better word is that it freezes. Then my computer says - Program is not reacting

While not good, that’s not the same as crashing. 4+ hours is certainly extreme, but on a very complex model some operations require so much work that they take a long time. Try waiting longer. It’s also possible that some extension is interfering and is actually responsible for the stall. Try disabling them and see if that helps.

Far as I know. I haven’t been using extensions, and the model isn’t complex. As before this action. SketchUp was working withought a doubt.

If you share the model so we can take a look, we can give you a better idea of how to deal with it and get it done.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says it’s the free web version. Is that correct?

I am using SketchUp Pro for Education. Alas i couldn’t merge the accounts. I will share in a bit.

Maybe you could update your profile to indicate SketchUp Pro, then. The available options are considerably different between SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Free.

Dave but then three SketchUp accounts becomes messy. So I’m sorry. I shan’t use SketchUp forums again then.

Changing your profile to indicate the version of SketchUp you are using doesn’t have any effect on your accounts. It just keeps us from having to ask you what version of SketchUp you are using when you ask questions. It’s there so we can help you.

But I posted in Pro. So I think that already says something… Also submitting a topic you are asked to insert which version you are using. Soo. I don’t get why everybody has to fact check my profile. If I’m posting in SketchUp Pro forum for help. That’s because I’m using SU Pro!
This is now off topic. I thank you all for the help. Next time I will just use the Ema service.

People post in the wrong category all the time so that’s not a good indicator of the version. Yours in in the SketchUp, not SketchUp Pro category.

I’ve moved it to SketchUp Pro, though.

I’m sorry that asking for some clarification from you has caused so much trouble for you. I’ll bow out now and leave it to someone else.

Im sorry for the confusion too.

Good luck sorting your problem. Have a great day.