EXPLODE! sketchup

When I want to explode the project I imported, the program closes itself?

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with an help you.

Untitled.skp (2.9 MB)

First I imported the work into sketchup. Then I used “architect tools” for 2 dimensions and exported. Later, when I imported it again, I saw that explode closed the program.

What I want to do is just close the open ends with “edge tools” (which it doesn’t do for all ends) and create surfaces

And also the ends that I had previously closed with “edge tools” are now open again. So my previous work is not showing for open ends now and work is back to the beginning

it does close on my computer too - 2022 version, no bug splat

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I can’t look at it at the moment, but the normal reason for a non bugsplat crash is too many segments.
Why do you want to explode it, why not open for editing and fix the edges that way. While in there break it down into smaller Groups.

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So I might ask, why does it show so many open ends when I put it in sketchup for a drawing that works fine in the autocad file? And what can I do for it?

All i want to do is cover the surfaces

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I get a Bug Splat when I try to explode it, too. As @Box indicated, this is likely due to having too many segments. Reducing it into smaller groups could help. When you imported it did it come in with a bunch of tags?

For face creation SketchUp is not tolerant of gaps in edges. That doesn’t seem to be an issue with AutoCAD probably because it isn’t creating faces from the loops of edges.

I opened your SKP file in SketchUp Go (web) and exploded it. Then I drew a rectangle and started to select smaller areas and intersected the faces.

You will have to click on ‘Wait’ several times, when the messages will appear, both when exploding and when intersecting

Thank you for all answers. I’ll try

The work was sent to cloud. You said you can find it from import&export from the other forum. But on my screen there are only these options. Where can I find the work I have imported?

This looks like a problem we have fixed in the latest internal builds. I can’t give a date for when there will be a new update.

Meanwhile, here is a 2020 version file of the group exploded.

exploded.skp (13.2 MB)

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Thank you so much! Thank you so much! Open ends problem is also solved :clap: :raised_hands: :pray: