Every time I close one open box, another opens

As I made a design, lines met, boxes closed. Till near the end, one box wouldn’t close. Erased the lines, redrew and it closed…but then another that was closed, opened. 40 boxes later and I am getting frustrated with more and more previously closed boxes opening - they do not share lines. At this point I have redrawn 40% and still more pop up including ones I already ‘fixed’. Help!

Could you share the SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got?

Attachedstadium-2.skp (952.7 KB)

How did you draw this in the first place? There are a number of edges that aren’t on the large surface and there are some tiny little triangles at corners where things don’t line up properly. These triangles are so small SketchUp won’t create faces. There are doubled up edges and off axis edges that should be on axis. Most of the faces are reversed (blue side out) but that’s the easiest thing to fix. In fact I’m finding enough problems that I’d be inclined to redraw this from scratch rather than trying to repair it.

Did you start with an imported CAD file or did you draw it from the beginning in SketchUp?

What do you need from the model after you get the flat shape drawn properly? Are you going to extrude this to make a 3D model of the stadium or are you just creating a plan view?

Thank you for the time and effort. I went back and found some of the small corrupt edges but even then…

I drew it from scratch. I was going to extrude this to a 3d model, but with the unclosed boxes, I can’t pull the right areas. I can redo it. The plan view is in the workspace. I did that earlier to define the spaces. I have done a bunch of these and figured a straightforward layout… Thanks for the help. I didn’t see the off axis as I try to make sure I am on edge or at endpoint consistently. I will make one more go at it, then probably redo. It is less than a day’s work.

I think with the symmetry in the layout, this shouldn’t take more than an hour. I expect even less than half an hour.

I am not as skilled as that would suggest. I did redo parts and it is working. It is actually a design for a lab space but ‘stadium’ is kinda what it looks like, hence the name. Thank you.

Maybe we could work out a time to get together, virtually, and work on it.

That is very kind of you. Anytime after Noon Pacific this week (until late).

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