Instant crash when exploding imported model

when I try to explode an imported model I get an immediate crash. I build models individually and import into a preset scene window shadows template It has worked fin up to sketch up 2017

Can you post the import file, or the SKP just before exploding ?

Have you been sending in the BugSplat! reports ?
…, and if so, with what identifying name (so it can be looked up in the crash database.)

Having the same issue here; just upgraded to 2017 from 2016. I have an AMD ATI Radeon Graphics Card. On crash, it suggested that I try a work around… I used regedit for applying the “WorkaroundMaxSolidLineWidth” and that seemed to fix it for my administrator account on windows 7, but my GUEST account on windows 7, it is still experiencing the issue, where sketchup locks up/crashes, and I get a BUG SPLAT.

REF: Troubleshooting ATI/AMD Related Crashes | SketchUp Help (WorkaroundMaxSolidLineWidth)

I hope there is a fix soon.

I cant remember what id did but It know seems to be working properly again.



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