Right clicking causes crash

On Mac, clicking while holding Control causes crash. Sometimes double clicking alone causes traffic. Sketchup Version 23.1.341 (latest update). It’s almost completely unusable at this point


The crash dezmo linked to is one that happens some time after doing a save, at which time you might have been Ctrl-clicking or double-clicking, and it was about to crash anyway.

It should only do that crash once though, if you are using SketchUp 2023 (which I see that you are).

Thank you for the 18 bugsplats you’ve sent in. I can’t see something in common with all of them, but several were setting the axes right before the crash. What does Guide Tools do?

I do my Apple Silicon testing on my M3 MacBook Pro, which is running 14.3 (a beta release). I don’t get any crashing. Not really sure why you get so many crashes.