Trouble exploding or exporting sandwiched parts


I’ve been working on some models that are sandwiched, for lack of a better term. I’ve got 3 layers that I have put together and I’m having lots of issues when exporting them as STL files. It looks like the middle layer is being ignored as a bottom to the hole I’ve got in the top and bottom. I’ve attached a couple pictures that show what I mean. I want the circle to be indented with a floor on it (not going all the way through) (top pic), but when I explode and then make a new component, the floor of the circle is missing (bottom pic). The actual shapes I’m working on are much more complex, but I can’t figure out how to fix it with even the circles. Thanks!! Ned

How about sharing the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got exactly?

Ok, here is the actual file I’m working on. I want the middle to be solid and not have holes in it. Just the indentions from the top and bottom layer

I don’t see the file.

[Uploading: 1 point scoring token r6.skp…](here is the file) I don’t think I let it finish uploading earlier

Evidently you still haven’t let it upload completely.

good grief, just not my day today…

It gets about halfway done, then just quits

For no more than your screen shot shows, it shouldn’t be a very big model. Try purging unused from it and save it again.

Or it might just be easier if you provide the dimensions. It’s such a simple model it shouldn’t take much.

Do you want it to print as one piece?

1 point scoring token r7.skp (7.5 MB) Ah ha! Dave, I think that was it, too large of a file before I purged it. This is the actual model I’m working on. Yes, I want it to print out as a solid piece with the indendtions on showing

That’s a lot different from what you showed in your screen shot.

The top and bottom components are solid because…

How did you create them?

Ya, I was stuck on the concept. Never used solid inspector before.

I had a png file with all the cutout shapes, then converted it to stl with an online converter. I uploaded that file to SU, then softened coplanar. I then took that and laid it on top of a rectangle with a half circle. Explode and reform a component, then I was able to pull the rectangle/half circle up.

Well, rather than fix all the garbage created by the process, just copy the top face out and extrude that to make a new layer. That’ll take care of most if not all of the problems. A few of the holes seem to have inner details. Are they supposed to look like that?
Screenshot - 12_31_2019 , 2_24_00 PM

You would also find it much easier to work on this if you would scale it up by a factor of 1000x. Meters instead of millimeters.

Ideally, I’d like to pull those inner details up to the same face as the rest of the surface, but can live without it. I did try copying out the face and extruding, but that might have been a few iterations ago.

That will help keep things clean. But, even on my test piece, I had the same problem - the middle layer “bottom” gets lost somehow

Why are you modeling it as if it was made of three pieces? Since you only want one piece, why don’t you model it as one piece?

I just tried copying the front and back face, and then extruding each one separately with a third piece in the middle and have the same issue of the middle not showing up.

Not sure how to do it as one piece initially, so I thought I’d try three separate pieces and stick them together. Not sure how to do that part

Look at your file. Hide the bottom and middle layers. You can see that you aren’t create holes there.

I’ve seen this before and not sure how i did that

I redid the model from the extruded faces and that issue goes away, but it still shows up as hollow on export or on exploding and reforming a component. 1 point scoring token r8.skp (11.6 MB)

I’d start with the thickness of the middle section, add the hieroglyphs and then pull up the surrounding face to create the recesses.

Ok, I think I got it. thanks for the help!!