Working with components in tandem

In the attached screen shot I have two versions of the same thing - an above ground pool siting in front of a retaining wall. There are 3 components - the retaining wall, the pool, the pool cover mechanism.

I exported an image, then rotated the pool, and rotated the cover. But later, I was wondering if a better idea would to have made copy of the model. Then rotated the elements in the copy. My question is - if I were to manipulate one model, would the components in the copy also be manipulated?

No, they would not be.

However, it is possible to use a single component in two model files (.SKP files). Here is one way (seems complicated as I’ve written it, but it’s rather simple in practice):

  1. Right-click an instance of the component in your current model, and use the Save-As option from the context menu. Save it to some location as a new .SKP model file.

  2. Copy the component as it exists in the current model (to place a copy on the clipboard).

  3. Open the other model file where you want to re-use this component (or create a new model).

  4. Paste the component into the second model, or use Paste-in-Place to position the component within the second model exactly as it is positioned from the first model.

  5. If you want to modify the component, open its own .SKP file (which was created in step 1), edit the object as desired, and Save.

  6. In the other two .SKP model files (where this component appears), right-click on an instance of the component and choose Reload from the context menu. Select the file from step 1.


It would be easier to stay with one model? I would group your pool and cover mechanism and then make a copy of it and put the copy in position #2. Then assign the original to one layer and the copy to another layer. Make 2 identical scenes and toggle the layer visibility on and off for each pool position.