Wine Barrel Segment 1

Hello to the Sketchup Community.

I am using Sketchup Make 2017

I am trying to Sketch one section of a wine barrel. The section has many curves in it. I can draw it curved but. The outside curve stays uniformed and the inside curve as well. However on a barrel the centre of the outside curve is wider than the edges. So I don’t know how to sketch that.

Woodwork is my hobby so I would like to make a Wine barrel as a gift but need to sketch it first for planning purposes.

Could anybody assist ?

Much appreciated

The Hobbiest


It’s not easy to understand the problem. I have seen a lot of barrels, but I cannot associate your sketch with any part of a barrel. I assume the sketch contains what does not look like expected.

Can you

  • show an image of the ideal part (how it should look like)
  • describe how you have tried to draw it “curved”, which tool you used?

If I would draw a barrel, I would first draw the whole barrel, then intersect it with a plane through the rotation axis to get an individual stave.

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Hi Aerilius

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately I cannot show you the ideal part because I cannot draw it. You are explaining something in the last sentence that looks as though it might work. Just don’t know what intersect it with a plane through the rotation axis to get an individual stave meants. What tool would I need to use for that ?


Have you taken a look at this image?

  1. Use the standard procedure for rotational solids (circle, face, follow-me)
    Sketchup Tutorial Quick Tip "Barrel" - YouTube
  2. To draw a plane, you use the Rectangle tool.
  3. To rotate the rectangle, you use the Rotate tool and inference the vertical axis (blue), then enter the rotation angle.
  4. Then use the Move tool to move the rectangle to the center of the barrel’s axis.
  5. Then select the rectangle’s face, right-click and intersect with the context.

Also check out the other Youtube videos for more detailed barrels.

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This is the best I could draw it. See the Gap in the centre. Need to make the segments wider in the middle to close the gap.



Yes. That is what I am trying to do.

Let me try and do as you explained below that. Might take me a while because I am learning.

Aerilius Thanks let me try and work on the information that you gave me. I don’t want to keep you waiting and it will take me a while to try and do what you are explaining.

Thanks for the response.

Thanks Aerilius. I am going to try your method. Struggling to do it according the previous suggestion. This seems more simple.


I pretty much did as Dave would do it, but, oh well…he beat me to it. Surprised? No.

Use a section and follow me, then isolate a stave component, use the same circle to duplicate it. I used a quarter barrel component and copied that.

you can just use the original follow me shape, but making a stave is the easiest way to have edges for the stave joints.

Thanks pbacot

I will try the way you explain if I don’t come right. I am struggling to get the follow me tool to work. Will keep on trying and keep you updated should I get it right.


One tip for making a barrel, use two circles to make the skins. The inner circle should be the number of staves and the outer 4x the inner, this will give you flats inside and a curve outside. You could use more on the inner if you actually want the insides to curve as well, but I think that would be overkill.


Thank you Box. I am still struggling but let me try your suggestions. I have been down that road but cannot get the bulge in barrel. Trying to find the tools to do that.

Hi again Box.

It looks like a Youtube presentation. I tried looking for it but no luck. Do you perhaps have the link for me.


If you mean the gif in my post, that was me just recording my screen.

It sounds like you need to spend some time with the fundamentals, you need to know the basics before we can push you properly in the right direction.

But the basics of making a barrel are follow me, hidden geometry and components.


Hey Box I’m using 2017 and thought I’d give it a try as you demonstrated. All goes well until I close the stave faces after selecting the one instance from the hidden geometry. I get softened edges and when I rotate copy the end result is something like a satsuma/pumpkin rather than a clean barrel. I’ve looked at the soften/smooth edges box and it’s all greyed out. Any clues on what I need to do to get clean sharp edges?
Before I close faces.

After closing.


Comparison with my long winded way!

The upright edges of the stave are softened/smoothed after the Follow Me operation. Simply select all of the geometry of the stave, right click on it, and choose Soften/Smooth. The normal default softening value should suffice to unsoften them.

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Thanks I’ll give that a go.

That worked. I forgot about the ‘side effects’ of follow me.

You can see me do it in the gif just before I make it a component…

Here it is on it’s own.


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Morning Box

Sorry about the late reply. I had to go on the road yesterday. You are correct I have a lot to learn and doing so on the go. I am out most of the day today but will give it a try tonight and let you know how it goes tomorrow. Thanks again for your help.