Help with making a rounded bar in sketchup

Hey everyone I am looking to get help with a bar I’m making in sketch up for a job my company is working on, I am new to sketch up only been using it for about a week. I am trying to find out how to make the curved parts and if possible the simplest way to do so. I’m here to learn so any tips or any advice is most welcome. I attached one photo since I’m new to the forums here, but if possible I hope to send whoever helps out some other photos to see the big picture of the project itself.

Have you tried the pie tool or the arc tool? Based on what I can see from your picture and text, those might be what you are looking for.

I have tried using them yes but I’m having trouble with placing and drawing them out as they should look.

I take it you wish to create an extrusion with the cross-section shown in your picture. I that right?

Now, what assistance can I be beyond recommending that you make the rounded corners with the Arc tool? do you need a demo? Was I right about this being an extrusion?


I would start with a rectangle that’s 96" x 102" and then use the Offset tool to create a 24" offset. From there it’s easy to add a 24" radius in the corners and then extrude the footprint 42" vertically.

Can you show us what is wrong? Uploading the model and/or some screenshots would be best. It is hard to know what is going wrong without more information.

I will try to upload some more screenshots, the forum wouldn’t let me earlier. Yes Gully it is an extrusion. Thank you as well Jimhami, I am using what you posted to try and make it work. The main issue I am having is making the bar fit right with the wall it is attached to, which would obviously be helpful for you to see. I’ll see if I can get the screenshot in here or an actual on site photo.

Here’s another view based on your description. Obviously, we’re all waiting for details about the problem you’re having.


Here we go, I got the bar itself done except for the overhang that I added that to the sketch. I tried to push pull for the overhang but I’m sure there is a different way. I added the mesurments for the overhang and base as well.

You could always offset the top, then use push/pull to add depth…

Thank you Aaron, I didn’t think of that. How would I go about changing the measurements of the base like in my paper sketch? I literally have been thrown into this new so I hope all the questions don’t seem dumb.

Man, I thought you meant a bar as in bar stock.

This kind of bar can be easily constructed by walking a section through the bar around the bar’s footprint using Follow Me. Thus:


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Apologies for the miscommunication Gully. I know how to use the follow me tool a bit, how did you get the indents below the bar? Is there a way to draw a line around it to wrap around and then push pull?

Look at the profile. The entire bar was formed in a single shot with Follow Me.


I am still unsure of how you got there. Do I go under the bar and use offset? Here is what I’m looking at.

Look at the first step of my picture. Lying on the floor is an adaptation of your original sketch, showing just the outside contour. This is the path for the extrusion. Also in that first step is the profile of the bar (as a vertical, blue cross-section).

The second step shows the Follow Me just executed, wherein all the geometry of the bar and bar top is formed in one instant. >Poof.<

In the third step I’ve just painted the various faces.


So would I start with an outside contour like in the first step? When I try to use follow me it just stretches the bar or makes it cut pieces off. I know I’m doing it wrong its just hard for to visualize what you are explaining to do. I made another bar to just mess around with it but I’m not getting to far. Thank you for the patience,

Go here before you do anything else.

Sounds like you need to read up a basic tutorial on the FollowMe tool. It involves two things: a “profile”, which is a face you want to extrude, and a “path”, which is a connected sequence of edges along which you want to do the extrusion. Your figure shows a path, the bottom outline of the bar, but you haven’t yet drawn a profile. That’s the upright shape in Gully’s image.

As usual, Dave chimed in with a link to the tutorial while I was typing!

Thank you all, I’ll go read up on that and show you what it looks like when I am finished.