Greetings for the day. Can you please help me with this diagram

Hello!. Greetings for the day and a very happy new year.

Can someone please guide me how to achieve this geometry in Sketchup?

The dimension of my space is as provided below

Thank you

So you’re trying to model the curved slats?

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates SketchUp Free (web) but also SketchUp 2017. The version is important because it tells us what tools you have available.

How will you use this once you have it modeled? Presumably since you are using a free version this is just for your own hobbyist use. How much detail are you thinking you need? How long is the curved wall?

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Hi Dave

Please clean up/ update your profile to remove the ambiguity.

Since you are using the free web version you’ll have to manually create the sine curve for the bottom of the slats to follow. This is a basic geometry task starting with a circle. Since the wall follows an arc you can create a slat component and use the radial array feature of Copy/Rotate to distribut the slats along the arc.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Can you share some process? Any other alternative?

I’ll make an example while you fix your profile. If you were using SketchUp Pro there’d be a number of alternatives because you could utilize extensions. Not an option for you with Sketchup Free.

Dave R, one of my friend has Sketchup Pro. Would be great if you can share a quick alternative for that too.

I have an example for you that you can use in SketchUp Free or in SketchUp Pro. And another one that works in SketchUp Pro and is easier. I’ll share them with you once you fix your forum profile.


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