Curving Wood Slatted Walls


I created a wood slatted wall similar to the one in the picture below. I am trying to figure out how to curve the wall I created in Sketchup to go along the curved hallway I have in my model. Any guides on how to curve walls without starting the curve from the beginning?I simply wants to bend it in a U shape. Thanks!

You could try Chris Fulmer’s Shape Bender plugin from Extension Warehouse.

Or maybe one of Fredo’s extensions on SketchUcation. I think there’s one that does the equivalent too. But can’t remember which - sorry. I only know I don’t have it installed, and haven’t used it myself, but seen a reference somewhere on the forum here.

If each vertical piece is a separate group or component, it would also be possible to do it manually by careful use of the Move and Rotate tools, following a curved line . But hard work.

It seems like those bending tools might distort the slats, making them thinner in front and thicker in the back.?.
Kinda like a mullet.


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Hi John,

I will try your suggestion, and if all else fails, I will manually adjust each wood slat.



Probably true, but in real life once curved either the slats must taper front to back, or the slots between them must taper. Can’t have both!

Nothing prevents both from tapering, and it would probably look best that way, but I truly hope that no poor soul has to build it like that - every slat an unique 3D sculpture.

My wording was poor. I meant both can’t be rectangular cross section. One or both must taper. Given the changing radius of the horizontal curve due to the waves, the amount of taper will vary everywhere and be quite difficult to make!

If you bend 2d pieces then extrude them you’ll get square sections.