Help needed in re drawing the attached picture


i need help to re draw the attahced pictuture.
I managed to draw the main steal beams. 5 of them, each one in on a different level
but i have a problem getting the wood beams fall across of the steal beams, and taking that curved shape…
i am familier with most options on sketchup, but this picture is too complicated to me.


Before investing too much of my life in this, is this the general idea or am I missing something?



wow …how did u do that too quick :slight_smile:
its right …but the wood beam is one piece from start till end therefore the wood beams will be bent, not 4 straight pieces.


I found some more pictures of these structures … … very reminiscent of the Conestoga wagons!


Obviously, the slats are the hard part. Right now, making them is rather laborious, so I’m going to study on how to make them more easily.



Seems like there should be a way using spline curves…isn’t that where they originated?

In other words, draw splines between points on the bows and use those as follow-me paths for a rectangular profile of the slat.


Here’s a quick-cut example of what I mean. This was done as follows:

  • drew the arches (for quickness, just as lines)
  • drew a small rectangular profile for the slats, moved and aligned it with the base of an arch
  • drew a cubic spline through the bottom points of the arches
  • did follow-me of the rectangle along the spline
  • made a component of the extruded slat
  • rotated a copy up to the next vertex on the arch
  • did 24x to create the rest (I had drawn the arches with 24 sides)

You could refine the shape by choosing a different kind of spline or tweaking the control points.


this isn’t right… the slats extrude wrong and would be a pita to get them proper…
(you’d have to put the profile on each end of each spline at proper orientation then curviloft’s ‘Loft along path’ to deal with the twisting boards)

but just for ideas:

extensions = Fredo’s Bezier Spline, Curvizard, Curviloft… Whaat’s Profile Builder Free.

• classic bezier curves… i drew three then rotated/copy for the other three.

Bezier Segmentor to increase segment count

• CurviLoft loft tool -

  1. 'Smooth Global Junction by single b-spline" method
  2. “Generate the junction edges (no face)”

• Profile Builder

profile builder



using this new plugin… Flowify:

this is the first time i used it… took about 10 minutes to figure out how to use it but only a couple of minutes to make this:

(flat array of boards flowed over a curviloft skin )


@Jeff That looks really slick. I’m wondering if the slat width or the spacing varies. Seems like they couldn’t remain constant along the length.



I’ll check in a little bit. on a phone now

yeah, both the boards and the spacing are shrinking in the middle… realistically, the boards would stay consistent and the spacing would get smaller…

idk, if it’s for archviz only, it’s probably ok.


@Jeff, most impressive. Nicely done.



I followed slbaumgartner’s example, it’s easy and doesn’t take much time. Glad I took a look at this, I learned something new.