Is there an effective way of creating straps (as in seat straps)?


I am new to the Community website, but not new to SketchUp as I had it for about three years, however due to not spending enough time working on SketchUp, I would have to consider myself still a novice. I’m familiar with the main tools, but not familiar with everything else. I’m familiar with the Follow Me command, but use it for something simple like pipes and wires.

To make it easier to explain what I am talking about, I have uploaded an exported 2D image of my model still in a WIP (Work In Progress) stage onto my DeviantArt page, so you could see what I am taking about. (The reason I posted on my DA page is because I’m also asking anyone on DA for advice, but figure maybe I should join this website you all are experienced (to various levels) on using SketchUp.)

The link is

I have done the ejector seat so far. I should point out that it is a sci-fi ejector seat so not really trying to create a modern day ejector seat. As you can see from my example, I’ve got some clips and housing already done. The clips are in their housing. All that is needed is to create belt straps between the clips.

I know it is a 3D image, and I am not trying to get a really prefect flow, not looking for prefect smooth curves, however I don’t want a too straight looking straps that makes them look like bars. I tried two options and made a dog’s dinner of both attempts, unless I have been doing it wrong or missed a trick.

First attempt. Tried to use the Follow Me command, but it made them look like bars instead of a curvy strap. Also the rectangle end of the strap ended up not lined up with the rectangle end of the clips.

Second attempt. Tried to draw a rectangle, use the Push/Pull command to pull and create a segment, repeat the action, and along the way, sometimes needed to use the Move or the Rotate commands to move each segments so that it could look just good enough to go around what would normally be the pilot’s body shape.

When I mention segments, maybe to make it easier to explain, let’s use an analogy as an example, let’s just say, looking like tank tracks.

I haven’t got any ideas of how best to create belt straps. So hopefully someone could suggest which course of action is more effect.

Many thanks.

Have you tried ?

To avoid the follow me “twisting” you might try Upright Extrude. Here is a quick version created using arcs as pathways and extruding the faces of rectangles. Also, for the faceted result or “bars” you saw you might explore the soften/smooth options.

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Oh great!! I always thought you have to draw a line from the middle of the object to middle of the other object. I didn’t know you could draw from corner to corner. Wow!!! I should’ve come here first instead of asking on other websites.

I’m going to try your suggestions. Many thanks, can’t promise I would get it done correctly, but I’ll try this.

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Wait a minute, can I use this with the SketchUp Make?

Yes you can

I downloaded the file but there’s no clear information on what to I do with it? It’s the ene_uprightExtruder_v1.2.1.rbz file, and that’s not an exe file, so I’m guessing I have to move it into the correct folder? I found SketchUp/SketchUp2016, then after that, there’s a lot of other sub-folders but which one is correct?

Great. Trying is the first step of learning, failing is the second step. You can use this extension with make. Follow the instructions here for installing your extension:

The install is automated.
In SU, go to Window > Extension Manager

Click on Install Extension (in red at the bottom)

In the next window navigate to your .rbz file location (where you downloaded it to). Note that the file type is preset to .rbz so that’s all you’ll find

Click on it and select OPEN

The .rbz installs itself

You may get a tool bar or it may install under the Extensions menu or both

Forgot that you’ll need to click on INSTALL EXTENSION to finish up right after hitting OPEN

There is a better way, and one that will be accurate, Clothworks.

If you do not come right, let me know tomorrow, I’ll do it for you.

  1. Curviloft
  2. Joint push pull

@endlessfix Thanks for the link to the instructions. Been looking for that. Have installed now, so will be trying out the Upright Extrude, and will let you know how I am doing.

@Solo and @Forestr Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll think about it some other time, at moment, my ejector seat with the belt straps is likely to spend more time inside a fighter, and hardly seen unless cockpit canopy is open, so the seat don’t have to look too detailed. But I’m right in guessing that Clothworks would be a more suitable extension for say a camera strap or a rifle sling?


Cool. Let us know how you get along. Clothworks and Curviloft are both fantiastic extensions with amazing capabilities and slightly steeper learning curves. If you want something that looks decent from outside the cockpit and you are just getting into extensions I think Upright Extrude is going to serve you well.

Been trying it for a while. I like the theoretical idea on paper, but I haven’t managed to get it done correctly. It did create a belt strap as I hoped for, but kind of the other end kind of is joined at one corner, but not correctly joined at the other corner.

I got couple of 2D exports showing two different failed attempts, and since I’m still new to SketchUp Community, and have no idea of how to post the images, I’ll have to post it to my DA page and give you the link, just in case you recognise what mistake is it I’m making.

I figure I’ll keep trying it in different ways until I get the right effect.

Here are my attempts…

Still trying. I think I’ve tried like a dozen attempt, lost count. Trying to draw a line from different corners, trying to one end follow the line, then if don’t work, make the other end follow the line.

I do like the Upright Extrude plug-in, it does create the belt straps I need, but still won’t get the ends lined up correctly. Maybe I missed a trick or maybe my design is a bit wrong for it to work?

I could keep trying until I give up, I can always have a go with the other tool some of you suggested, or since the ejector seat is meant to be a sci-fi ejector seat, I could always forget it, and claim it is a modern design where the belt strap rolls back into the housing when not in use. :slight_smile:

Here’s the latest attempt…


The way Upright Extruder works, in the same way as Follow me, you’ll have a hard time making two shapes at different angles follow a path and match up.
You need something more like Fredo’s Curviloft.


Thanks for the third option. I’m trying out the second option, Clothworks, at the moment. If it fails, I’ll have a go with your suggestion of Curviloft.

Dang, pretty slick there!