I’m modeling a “Trafalgar” chair (a Regency style named for Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar) and am stumped by one detail. The rear legs have a rope motif carved into them, and I’m not sure how to model that in SketchUp. The images aren’t as clear as I’d like, but they’re the best I have. I think I know what won’t work: Follow Me and Intersect Faces. But I’ don’t know what would do the job. All suggestions most appreciated.
Thanks, as always.

If I were modeling that, David, I would draw the back leg and make it a solid component. Then I would model the paths of the gounge as it crosses over the front of the leg and make a solid component of them. Then I would use Eneroth Subtract or Trim to cut the grooves.

Thank you, Dave, I’l give that a try.

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I’m newish to SU and work in 2017 make which only has native tools and attempted to replicate the rope effect with this result;

It took me 20 minutes using the technique demonstrate in Aaron’s modelling a spring

and then intersecting faces with a rectangle and cleaning up the odd missing faces by adding little lines using the hidden geometry.

I don’t know if it’s of any use to your project but it got the old grey matter ticking over (I’m sure it could be done done faster with pro and solid tools as Dave R mentioned, but I had fun trying).
Keep safe.

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Thanks. Your rope looks good, and I’m glad the exercise was fun. Thanks, too, for the link to the Skill Builder.