Upholstery webbing

Hello… Anyone got any top tips for making realistic looking upholstery webbing for a traditional chair in a shaker style or similar?

Does it have to be actual geometry? I’d be inclined to use a texture for that. I might also make the texture from a 2D model done in SketchUp.

No it doesn’t have to be geometry really … that’s what I’ll probably end up doing - as you say, but I just wondered if anyone does it differently or has some fancy tricks

I don’t know that it’s a fancy trick but I would probably use the same idea I use for creating custom tiles and grilles in SketchUp where I model in 2D, export an image and make a seamless texture image. In the case of the webbing, if there are gaps between the strips, I’d make those transparent in the image editor and save out a PNG.

I did a quick google search for ‘webbing upholstery image’ and got a range of them, most too close up or small to be very useful.

But these might be helpful - they came up part way down the page.

Thanks John … It’s actually more like this style (attached) of webbing I was after … as the actually seat, not the support for a seat cushion, as shown in your images … but I appreciate your effort sir :slight_smile:

I think a texture would be the easiest to manage. That’s how I did the seats for these.

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they’re nice … I’m gonna draw mine to keep with the required style , I’ll upload when I’m done

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