Help with modeling specific upholstery!

Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum because I have a very specific question to ask regarding how to model complex upholstery specific for furniture design. I’m trying to model a Percival Lafer style sofa and I have no idea where to begin with the upholstery cushion shapes.

Attached is what I was thinking upholstery-wise.

Is there a plugin that would make this easier? If so which one? Thanks so much for your suggestions!


That would be incredibly challenging to model, even for an experienced modeler with specialized extensions. Sorry I am not more help.

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Search the forum or youtube with the word “upholstery”.

I’ll spare you the tutorial and just model one for you. Feel free to use it for whatever.

Untitled.skp (611.6 KB)


I’ve watched this tutorial and it was helpful, however, I’m not sure how to get organic shapes (the shape of the cushions) applied to a “mold.”

This is great! Thank you so much. For future reference what plugins did you use?

Roundcorner is helpful for rounding the corners. The rest was just low poly modeling with native tools. It’s easy to make organic shapes by moving vertices if you keep it low poly. The texture is projected at 45º for time’s sake, but Thrupaint would get better textures if it was quads.

Thank you! I will start toying around with all of this. I appreciate it!

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