Sketchup program to design furniture, sofas chairs, ottomans

hi I am on the furniture business and need a program to design sofas any ideas what kind programs form sketch up can i use

SketchUp works perfectly well for designing furniture. There’s only one SketchUp, not different programs for different purposes. If you want to begin using SketchUp for furniture design, I’d recommend buying a DVD titled “SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers: The Basics,” by Dave Richards. He’s a SketchUp sage, adn you can get the DVD from Taunton Press (
Hope this helps.

Hi David
thank you very much for your help
we do upholstery (sofas chairs,beds ,ottomans)
also wood furniture tables,benches,cabinets
thanks again

Here is one fantastic example I’ve seen:
Most of the images there are made with SketchUp.
It’s not that easy to create all that with SketchUp alone, but with the help of organic modeling and texturing extensions for SketchUp you can create some great models.

Hallo, first of all excuse my english :slight_smile:
I know this topic is quite old, but maybe you can help. I need to model sofas, beds and all kind of organic shapes.
I am looking for some tutorial from basic . I have already design quite well in sketchup, but it´s just simple shapes as furniture or tables. But I need to model a tapestried chair and it is so hard for me. I try it again and again, but with no success…I have artisan, flowify, SCF tool bar plugin, round corner…but I don´t don how to use them properly…mostly the artisan…it´s very powerful plugin, I saw many tutorial for it but whet I try to apply it on my shapes it is just disaster :frowning:
any recomendation for website or anything wher I can improve my skills?
many thanks! by the way how long it take to model this kind of chair?is it possible in sketchup ??