Organic Modeling with Sketchup?

I need to model a couch, and a few other furniture that have a more organic form, and I wonder what would be the best way to go about it.

Should I buy extensions such as subd or artisan and try to do get what I need within Sketchup, or should I use Blender to model the furniture and then import them into Sketchup?

I am quite good with Sketchup when it comes to architectural modeling, but I never modeled something like a couch before. I am quite new with Blender and so far I didn’t make anything of my own with it (just followed a few tutorials).

Can Sketchup + a couple of extensions compete with Blender for this particular use case? Or would Blender give better results?

Short answer is yes you can model very nice sofas and such in SU with the help of Artisan or SubD. I’ve used both . Tend to use SubD more than Artisan for furniture models. If you decide to give SubD a try recommend you also get Quadface tools and Vertex tools also. They sort of work hand in hand with one another to make the process smoother. Not even going down the which is better SU or Blender road.

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Thanks for your answer!

Not even going down the which is better SU or Blender road.

I was just asking for this specific use case, not in general.

I would need to pay extra for those extensions but I assume they would be easier for me to learn than doing the same type of modeling in Blender. But since Sketchup itself isn’t made for such organic modeling (hence the requirement of extensions) I wonder if the end result can be as good (or at least nearly as good) as what I can get from blender. If not, then maybe it would be better to invest some more time (and a bit less money) and do this sort of modeling in blender and then import the final assets in Sketchup.

You can find some SketchUp examples here for your judgement…

Thanks. My conclusion after reading the first posts from that thread is that Organic Modeling in Sketchup is possible (with the right extensions) but quite difficult, and Sketchup isn’t the right software for this kind of models.