Sofa modeling plugins

Can someone list a list of plugins that are crucial for modeling a detailed sofa,
a list of Sketchup plugins knowing of wich would make 3ds Max sofa modeling abilities, needless

It depends on the style of sofa you want to model. Extensions that come to mind, though:

Quad Face Tools
Vertex Tools

There will be others. Of course you should also make sure you can fully utilize the native tools before you bother with extensions.

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I recommend you subD, it’s great for organic models, but to have a good work experience you need two more plug-ins, quad face tools which is free and vertex tools which is paid, and if you want to give it more realism you can use artisan for sculpting some imperfections. Also clothworks is good for making that kind of geometry, there’s a YouTube channel called tutorials up, it has a video where a couch is modeled and also a gamer chair using subD together with the other plug-ins I already mentioned.

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vertex tools
round corner
bezier surfaces from curves
extrusion tools
quadface tools
jhs powerbar
soap bubble
tools on surface
bezier surface
joint pushpull
shape bender

This is my list, just trying to make sure if I’m missing something

By the way, which plugin would you remove from my list for the sake of simplicity and why?

JHS Powerbar. Just not needed.

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Could you tell a reason why you use SubD as long as Artisan has same features ?

SubD isn’t exactly the same.

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As much as i could understand the only thing SubD has that Artisan doesn’t is the undo option of subdivide and smooth feature

Artisan has sculpting features, I find subD better and faster to make the operation, and of course it has the undo option, I suggest you to designate hot keys for the operation, that way you can check how’s the geometry easy and fast.

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