Drawing a Chair

I need to draw this chair for a project my office is working on.
I really struggle with more organic shapes (realistic cushions).

Is there one extension out there that would work best for me?

If I were modeling that I would probably use FredoCorner in the modeling and probably ThruPaint from FredoTools for applying the textures.

Rather quick one, done in like 10min. Also used the plugins @DaveR suggested (Fred RoundCorner & ThruPaint) which made quick work of that one.

Chair.skp (720.2 KB)


If you want a slightly “puffier” look you could also use either SubD or Artisan. Neither is free, but they have a trial period.

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Which do you prefer, or which do you think is more user friendly? I already have Artisan downloaded, I just have to pay for it.

I just watched a video on Thrupaint. Cool extension!

For video watch Aaron Bishop YouTube Chanel video #14 from the serie Dramatic Contemporary House. He use Artisan x smoothing the couch.


I use SubD and here is control mesh for that chair. It is not 100% as that chair but close, hope this will help you.

Did not try but it might work with Artisan as well.
I will place a subdivided chair with texture on the Warehouse later on.
Legs are not meant to be subdivided.
Drawing_a_Chair.skp (501.0 KB)
Drawing_a_Chair_SU2018.skp (499.3 KB)

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Thanks, I wasn’t able to open your file since I am still using Pro 2018.

I am considering SubD as well. I am going watch a few more tutorials on SubD, since I find Artisan
a little complicated.

Here is my try on that Armchair.

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In my opinion Artisan and SubD do the same thing so choose one and stick with it for some time.

slightly more roundness (larger radii) at the front of the arms please than on the sides. It would make i more realistic. And more puffiness on the back cushion :slightly_smiling_face: then I can DL one!

:wink: This was a 35 min model, can´t afford more time on this. There is control mesh so feel free to make it more realistic. :slight_smile:

Just kidding. It is very nice though.

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Very nice!

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