Quilting a curved chair

I’m really stuck for how to add quilting to a curved chair, I have managed to do a lot of this in the past using a diamond shape and soap skin & bub’ing. I have also managed to use extensions to add these onto curved surfaces when the curve is 2 dimensional (IE- the curve goes like a C chape) however I am currently trying to add a quilted texture to a curved chair which is a C shape as well as curved back (the back of the chair doesn’t go straight up, it has a rake) See some images for examples below.

I have built my chairs using the SubD extension which I have just found to be excellent, perhaps there is a way I can do that through this and QuadFace Tools?

Suggestions would be very welcome

Chair V2018.skp (6.8 MB)

Chair Attached if that helps

Update - This is my attempt at doing this on the model before SubD - two trials, both failed, I feel there must be a way to generate the diamonds on this when SubD is active somehow though?

You might want to check out this thread on the sketchUcation forum. Alvis is a master at furniture.

Took a quick look at your model. Several problems that jumped out. The model is not proper QuadFace quads and crease values are pretty inconsistent ? If I have the time might give your model some play.

Thanks for the link Tuna1957. That has some really useful information on there and I have just read through the lot of his answers to others’ questions. It looks as if he is doing very similar work to what I am too. I have managed thus far fairly well with other chairs and booths/sofas with the soap/skin tool but curving onto two planes like this chair is a challenge for me using the SubD program, I’m about to give this Artisan tool a go to see if that works better (It looks as if he is using that)

I have attached my updated model that has proper quads, hopefully this is better. Thank you!

Updated Chair.skp (634.1 KB)

Your welcome. I think Alvis started out with using Artisan but if you look at his more current posts I believe he has transitioned to using SubD also. Artisan came to market before SubD.
At lot of good information on SubD can be gathered from this thread also…

Ah yes you are right, here are some of his updated works