Trying to model a Ginga armchair - Need Advice

I was trying to model the above image using Quad modeling techniques in Sketchup. Here’s my result so far:

I’ve used artisan tools, quad face tools and some native sketchup tools (‘follow me tool’ for the side handles).

Do you have any tips on how to get creases marked in red.

So far, the model size is 5.5 mb after cleaning it up. But I would like to bring it down further. Any tips on this?

I will be testing out other plugins. I guess even the Bevel plugin by mindsight studios should get the job done.

My observations whilst using the Artisan tools

  • Performance is poor. It takes a while to subdivide and smooth some groups (with many edge loops)
  • Assigning shortcuts to the various artisan functions really helps.
  • Texturing is always a problem in Sketchup. I end up simply using the vray ‘Tri-planar projection world’ to fix textures.

I would ideally like to have more control over texturing so exploring some Sketchup to Substance3D Workflows and back. WrapR is a decent plugin but not too user friendly.

Blender gets the work done faster but exploring plugins in Sketchup is a nice side-gig :smiley:

If you want to go from Sketchup into Blender and be able to slap a subdivision surface modifier on your geometry then use the obj exporter that’s hidden in the Quadface Tool set. I use the Sub D plugin in sketchup to model a basic form but sometimes I’ll pop it into blender to finish it off and the obj exporter lets me bring geometry over pretty seamlessly.

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I would probably make this as 3 individual cushions with the soft rail that runs along the bottom and the back as another element so each would be its own sub d group and i would have each element be a component that i could mirror so that i only have to model one side of the chair. Sub D works well with components

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Yes SubD works much better than artisan in terms of performance. Thanks for your tips. Will try to implement some of them…
Here’s one I made with SubD and artisan. (Found it more easier to work with than artisan since performance was faster).

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That crease isn’t a crease as much as a space between the main chair and the extruded tube shape that sits along the side. I would model both parts, and then the crease would naturally develop.


You should try thrupaint from Fredo for UV mapping, it does a great job with quads geometry.

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