Any tips/plugins to create this driver seat?


Are there any tips or plugins that can help me create this driver seat for my model? Here’s a picture.


Perhaps have a look at this one:

…combined with this:


As an alternate approach, you might search the 3d Warehouse for models that already have a similar seat, then look toward customizing it for your purposes.




Kiwi, would those plugins work with what I am trying to create? I am a beginner at the plugin, lol


Yes SubD and Vertex Tools will work fine.

I am using Artisan Tools instead of SubD but pretty much the same.

Depends on how accurate you need the seat and what it’s going to be used for.


Alright man.


Do I need screenshots as I use this tool?


Artisan Tools is best for organic shapes in my opinion. I would go for SubD for your job:)


Awesome! Are you in to give me steps on how to use SubD to do the driver seat?


If you are all fresh - go look here:


Awesome, I see in one of those videos, they’ve used a picture as they were using that tool. I’m going to play around with this.


I just want to add one more tip in case you are unaware. When I import a picture for reference this free plugin is a life saver: (watch till 1:45)


Probably, i’ve only ever used Artisan myself, for something like this seat I would create a proxy like this (but better ha).

Probably better if you can use quads with Fredo’s tools however.


Alright, will try that.


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