How to model the back of an office chair

Hi All, Hope I’m on the right forum.
What’s the easiest way to model the back of an office chair?

Which particular model of office chair?

What does the face of the chair you created look like?

Mainly upholstered chair backs as per this image,

Subdivision modeling method (quads)

Extensions: Vertex Tools, QuadFace Tools, SUbD, Fredo JPP.

Dear Mihai,
Thank you!! The tutorial is very impressive!! I will search for the extensions and start practicing.
Where can I follow you to see other videos that you’ve made?

You’re welcome!

Click on my blue avatar picture (or on my username) and you will see two links, one is to my album in this forum, and the second is the YouTube channel where the video you just saw is.


I’ve only done basic models of the furniture that I sell so this might sound like a stupid question.
Where can I download Vertex Tools, QuadFace Tools, SUbD, Fredo JPP.

Vertex tools, quad face tools and subD are available from the extension warehouse ( note: they all require ttlib also). Jpp is available at sketchucation plugin store ( and requires libfredo6). Several of these tools require a paid license, though they have limited time free trials.

Thank you so much for the information.

I’m working with Sketchup Pro 2024. Will Vertex Tools, QuadFace Tools, SUbD, Fredo JPP work with my version of Sketchup, or do I need an older version?

You do know that you can go the extensions warehouse and check for yourself…

and even if it doesn’t show 2024 you can still load it - many load and work properly, but it depends on the extension.

All of those extensions work just fine with SketchUp 2024, both on Windows and Mac.

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Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you, I’ll check it out.