How do i make race bucket seat


Hey all

im new to sketchup and im using the program to design a sim race cockpit to scale so far i ve made the base.
now im stuck on the seat i have no idea how to make one i tried side profile where you use follow me tool but thats about it.

this is the actual product i want tocreate model with actual the measurements

i found a few models on in the warehouse but i cant seem to get the right measurements and dimension correct.

so guys how do make one from scratch i cant find any guides or tutorials or can some one be kind enough to make the adjustments need to the warehouse model to the actual real life measurements to the model in the above link.

dont know who else to ask or where to go i have tried very hard searching on goggle but had 0 hits,

thanks look foawr to to your replies and my fingers are crossed for doem blessed soul to help us project is stuck without the seat.



This tutorial may help, though it is not for a seat. A pillow has the same principle behind it. It’s just a matter of putting your talent and imagination behind the concepts. You may need to find some plug ins like Soap Bubble to assist you. Good luck!