Organic Modeling in Sketchup 2016

New to Sketchup, I have just updated to Sketchup 2016 - primarily for Architecture and Interior Design applications. While the linear / planar modeling seems relatively straightforward, I am struggling in understanding how to model ORGANIC SHAPES for furniture and the like.

** Compounding the issue is that I CANNOT get Soap & Bubble, or Sandbox to behave properly in SU v2016.*

I would LOVE for someone to produce a tutorial on organic modeling in SU 2016 to produce a model such as seen in the image offered below - particularly the SEAT PORTION. Such a demonstration would be very beneficial in understanding a great deal of SU’s modeling properties.

THANK YOU for any assistance someone may offer.

One quick example of subdivision modeling with Artisan plugin…

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I’m waiting on SubD from ThomThom.

Vertex Tools make more organic modelling easier, has the workflow of something similar to Blender. Artisan have a similar tool set and allow for subdivision of your creations.

Thank you Cotty and fivebythree,

I have just loaded vertex tools and am able to make it work a bit. I can’t get Artisan to work in SU 16 either - Cotty, are you using Artisan in SU '16?

Thanks again.


Another way using native tools in SU - kidney bean has some similarities to your seat.

For the ventilation holes, you can intersect some circular cylinders or use Fredo6’s tools on surface.

What problems are you having with the extensions? They all should work fine in SU16 if you installed the latest versions.