Organic furniture model

Hi everyone. I am very new to sketchup and it’s not a program I’ve used before. I am trying to create organic furniture forms (a chair, table and 2+ person seats). Basically, I need the forms to taper off the sides into the ground. I will then use slicer and laser cut cardboard to make a sliceform of the designs. I am not sure where to start with creating the models to slice. I’ve experimented with a basic form but can’t figure out how to slop the slides instead of being a hard edge if that makes sense. Any advice is appreciated!


What version of SketchUP are you actually using? Your profile says SketchUp for Schools, which is web based. Is that correct? It you were using SketchUp Pro you could use a variety of extensions to create the surface you want and then generate the forms from that shape. With SketchUp for Schools you would have to do it all manually.

Hi Dave,

I’m actually using sketchup pro 2023 (a free trial though), but working to get a license through my university.

Please correct your forum profile. It would be SketchUp Pro.

So there are a variety of options that you can use to create the geometry. SubD and Artisan are a couple of them. Once you have the shape you want you can then use a slicing extension to create the slices for the shape as you show in your screenshots.

If you are brand new to SketchUp you should first take the time to learn the fundamentals. Start at

I’ve got the basics of sketchup down, but did go through some of those fundamentals, thank you. I am still just trying to figure out how I can create a basic organic shape. I’ve got those plugins but am having trouble figuring them out. I would be ok if I was just extruding the profile (as shown in the model example I made) but I need to get the edges to curve down. If you could help show how to model like the example I gave, I think I should be able to apply that to my own designs.

Do you know something about quads and modeling with them? For me that’s the best way to create organic shapes, cause you’ll have a cleaner mesh, the base geometry is low poly and easy to create with the right tools and it’s a must if you want to subdivide the geometry. The extensions I use are Quad face tools, subD, curviloft and vertex tools.