Organic Modeling!

Are you skilled in modeling organic objects? I am soon starting a series of projects that will include some unusual shapes and organic models. I’m looking for SU professionals who I can sub stuff to when these needs come up.

And I also want to find a tutor or helper to help me eventually learn how to do it myself sometimes.


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Be very wary of those that respond to this post. No doubt you will get various offers, some via private message. Have someone check them or even ask here on the forum if the user is legitimate.

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Hmmm Thanks
Not enough to ask to see previous work?

I could show you images of anyone’s work from the internet.

Unfortunately these days you need to be very careful.


Also be sure anyone you hire is using a Pro version of SU.

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I think you missed the word ‘licensed’

Some of you may remember the church model I did some years ago, I know someone who was looking for an SU user and one of the applications they received included it!

@Joel3D the only thing I can suggest is that if you find someone(s) potentially suitable you task them with building something you provide the source for AND you request the SU file they create. How they build/tag/materialise will tell you a lot about their abilities/honesty.


Sloped is a company that is trying to vet SU providers: SLOPED

Hi there @Joel3D, I may be interested in the kind of job you describe. Let me know any info you want me to provide.