Target Baskets as another example of "can it be done in SU"

Built in sketch-up and rendered with Thea. I did it for some previz for a Target commercial. It was certainly challenging to get this more organic model done in SU.


A description of your modelling process would be very informative, if you have time and inclination to document it.

They look pretty good to me. I’ve almost no experience of using SU for ‘organic’ shapes, and would much like to learn.

Thanks John, I wish I could be more detailed but this was a while back so it’s not all fresh in my mind. I believe I did it as two halves (each being a component) so I only had to work on one half as the other would be a copy and mirror of it. The curved shape was extruded upwards as a solid and all the holes were cut using solid tubes intersecting that solid and cut out with a "solid - boolean " operation. The curve edges top and bottom were achieved with the Fredo’s “round corner” plugin (which is always a great tool for many applications - particularly when doing photorealistic renders as just having a little chamfer or rounding catches a highlight as no corner ever comes together as a razors edge). The top rim too was a rectilinear profile which had the “round corner” plugin with bigger settings applied.
Some of this may be easier now with TomTom’s subdivision tool although I find (i hate to say here) that FormZ has a much better tool set for organic modelling, but as a diehard sketchupper I find myself always trying to workaround its limitations before surrendering to something like FormZ.
Lastly, I find Thea produces some great render results and so it was just a matter of getting the red plastic texture right under the store’s top lighting.
There are a few other examples of SU to Thea on my site’s sketchup page: Sketchup - white rabbit design company
and there are many other examples dotted throughout.
Let me know if this was helpful, I will try to find the original file and see if I can shed more light on it.

Thanks very much for sharing the process.

Nope, sorry… too many curves, there… Can’t do that in Sketchup :wink:

Looks great! Good job!