Draw furniture, helpful plugins

Is there anyone good at furniture models in skethup that can help me to create som sofas and armchairs? I have problems doing for e.g. curved/bend armrests… Or if I can get help to find someone doing it for me, that would be great :smiley:

Visit the forum ‘Sketchucation’ (sketchucation.com) or go directly to their specific forum section about woodworking: Woodworking • sketchUcation • 1

There must be hundreds of people who use SketchUp to create models of furniture. You can find thousands of examples of their work on the 3D Warehouse, where you can download what you want. (Full disclosure: I have more than 100 models up on the Warehouse.) However, I think it’s better to learn how to create furniture models yourself. SketchUp’s own tutorials and YouTube videos are good places to begin to learn how to create models. And I highly recommend the “Design.Click.Build” blog on FineWoodworking.Com; it is tailored to the needs of furniture-makers. I learn something every time one of the bloggers posts something new. I would also recommend creating models of Arts & Crafts furniture to begin to learn how to make furniture in SketchUp. The Arts & Crafts style is simple and direct–not many curves, turnings, or other tricky elements. Get a book of Arts & Crafts furniture plans and use the plans to make SketchUp models.
Hope this helps.


I can help. Send private messages what you need.

Post an example of what you want and show us what you have done so far in SU. I’m sure quite a few tips/tutorials will follow.

The industry is less important than the geometry form you want to create.