Good way to model upholstery?

What would be a good way to model upholstery like this on the image?

Using a texture instead of geometry. If you want to actually model upholstery look at but good luck getting the mesh back into SketchUp without cleaning it up first.

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Lol. Really?
So it’s not possible to model this on SU?
I was hoping to see a list of plugins.

It’s possibe of course, it’t just not efficient.

Try SubD plugin. that’s how I would do it.

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The “soap” bubble plugin is a good one for this, but could be done other ways. This video is a good resource.


Another method is to draw it low poly, then smooth the edges.

Low poly button:



Nice modeling concept. If one was to create a component from it, it would be easy to apply and array across a surface :slight_smile:


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