Designing a device

I don’t know if this is the right program to create a design for a dog. It is a harness with four boots and needs to be made to Snap On in at least six places.

When I want to model something like that, I do an image search online. I then copy/paste that into a file folder on my computer’s internal drive. I start a new SketchUp session and import the image. I size the image using guidelines to the approximate scale that I need. I then trace over the image, or model with the image about 5’ from the origin on the green axis. That’s what I recommend you try. First, you might want to check out the SketchUp Campus and the YouTube channel

Dog Harness #1.skp (237.2 KB)
I started modeling the image in the screenshot. Do you see what I mean?

Wow that’s great. I will start playing with that the weekend. Very much appreciated. Thank you

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