How to make this feature wall

Greetings for the day. Can some one please assist in making this feature wall in Sketchup?

Is this work for a client?

Sir, this is for my practice. I found this on Pinterest. Thought to upgrade my skills.
Thanks for your reply sir.

Draw the curves you want on a face, offset the curves and use pushpull to pull it up.

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Sir, that is exactly where I am unable to get the form. I am using the arc command. Can you please share some sort of tutorial sir? Please

Where exactly are you getting stuck? You just draw a few arcs.

Basics of SketchUp at


Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Wavy wall.skp (296.1 KB)

i had the same problem as u here
and this is how i did it
i hope it will help u

and similarly, if you need the slats (and depending on the mass desired), you can use the curve to cut the slats (which are simply spaced apart and deep enough for the curves to cut them), you could “CNC” (“waterjet”) a sheet and bend it, or simply project the cuts onto the curved surface and erase (for example, you want a low mass curved surface with slats).

Here’s an old tutorial from Sketchup’s YouTube channel using only native tools.

It’s a good way to brush up on fundamentals, and can help you tackle similar projects in the future.

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