How to make curved walls/corners in Sketchup quickly

So I want to create curved corners in every part of the walls in my one bedroom apartment project.
I dont know how to do it quickly and to make sure all the arcs are the same. I plan on making this curve a little bigger. I’m not super familiar with extensions and new to curves. Would appreciate some help.:slight_smile:

This is how I’d do it:
On your floor plan, lay out the lines for interior walls for a room as a rectangle. Use the 2-Point Arc tool to round the corners; as you draw the arc, watch for the line to turn magenta. Click, which should set the curve and erase the square corner. Double-click at the remaining corners to place identical rectangles. Once you have the interior walls done, add rectangles for exterior walls.

I’ll do that. Thanks

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas, along David’s description.

Rounded coorners for walls.skp (90.6 KB)

I sometimes use a Lego like approach and build my model from box-like components scaled to size. In that case I would make an additional “corner trim” block. When I am finished with the layout I use solid tools (Union or Outer Shell) do combine the result to a single solid object.

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