How to do rounded inside corners?

I’m using Sketchup Pro 21 on Windows 10.

Found a bedside table on Amazon I liked so I decided to reverse engineer it. Fairly straightforward until I come to the rounded inside corners. What is the best way to do something like that?

To create the two side panels I first created rectangles and then split the depth and used push/pull to push the front part down until it was even with large shelf above drawers. Now I don’t know how to create the rounded inside corners.

Also, when I did outside rounded corners I ended up with two lines on the edge of each side panel. If I select one of the lines and delete it, the side panel becomes hollow. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help

If I were modeling that piece I would have drawn the perimeter of the side including the radiused corner before extruding it to thickness. To do it afterward you can use the 2-point Arc tool to draw in the arc and extrude that and after delete the unneeded coplanar edges. Or you could use an extension like Fredo Corner to add it.

Adding the curve after it’s 3D:

Your missing face makes me wonder if there’s a problem with the way youdrew the arc for the top corner. There seem to be some weird dark edges at the ends of the arc. Share the .skp file and I’ll take a look.

You don’t want to delete those lines. You need to soften/smooth them using the Eraser tool and the Shift Key modifier.

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Here you go.


BedsideTable.skp (304.4 KB)

Thanks for sending that.

So I was right about the top radius being fuunky. Those little dark edges were a good clue. The arc you drew wnet outside of the original corner. You can see that when you zoom in closely.

As cannelldb wrote, you can’t simply delete the edges, you would want to soften them. That’s done with the Eraser+Ctrl. Eraser+Shift hides edges.

Before you go farther change your Units from Architectural to Fractional, turn off Length Snapping, and set your precision higher than you’ll work in the shop.

From this:
Screenshot - 9_23_2021 , 8_28_47 PM

To this:
Screenshot - 9_23_2021 , 8_29_04 PM

When you draw the arc at the top watch for the magenta arc and the Tangent message.
Screenshot - 9_23_2021 , 8_32_30 PM

then you should be able to do what I showed earlier for the inside corner.

DaveR -

that makes perfect sense. I didn’t know about the magenta arc and Tangent message.

As always, thanks for the great explanation

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