How to make two round corners to merge into one on the inside

Hello :),

I’ve used RoundCorner and FredoCorner successfully until I’ve encountered this modeling problem. I am trying to draw a sofa leg and on the inside I need to bevel edges (blue color in the image) and merge them into one but none of the plugins allow me to do that. I would be very grateful for any suggestion.

Untitled.skp (247.1 KB)

How do you want it to come together? Maybe like this?

Hi DaceR, Thank you for your quick rely. I’ve started bevelling each edge separately and removed the intersected parts and this is the result so far.

So you don’t want to fill in the gap? You just want to radius the edges?

That’s right.

OK. One moment.

So like this?


Yes :slight_smile:

OK. I’ll make something up to show you how I did it.

Thank you Dave :slight_smile:

OK. Let’s see if this is clear enough.

Here’s a view from the inside corner.

From left to right.

Draw half of the leg and make it a component. Radius the inside edge with RoundCorner or FredoCorner. On the right in the screen shot below, you can see this component also has the radius on the outside corners as well.

Copy, flip and rotate the component to make the other half.

Miter the components–you only need to edit one for this. Draw a line at 45° on the top and push the triangular face down to the foot of the leg.

Hide the seam line edges with the Eraser tool while holding Shift.

A view from the other side.

And a closeup of the outside corner of the leg.

If you want you can combine the leg parts into a single component but I’d leave them separated.

If you want to make them one piece with the top as in your original, make sure the leg components are solid and add a box for the top as below.

Then use Outer Shell to combine them into one group. I’d make that a component after Outer Sheel.


This really makes things neat. Thank you Dave!

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I need a help with this dave

What exactly do you need help with?