Curved wall?


Do you have a solution to bend this wall ?

Use Arc and Offset.
Or how do you want to bend it?

I have to make this wall in a 3D angle/bend.
How I can do it with Arc and Offset ?

Do you mean this simple curved wall or what exactly does that ‘‘3D angle/bend’’ you write about look like?

I wanted to know how to make this curved wall
Thank you so much for the solution

you might also include how to cut the hole for the window…and commence a discussion about the usefulness of Solid Tools.

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I’ts good idea, because have to make a window inside and i don’t know how to do it, and this can also help people who don’t know

I first wanted to find out what exactly that 3D angle/bend means. Using line, arc, offset and pushpull to create walls is basic -
And for creating that hole for the window, for curved walls I prefer this way … No Solid Tools :wink:


Thank you so much!!

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