Draw curved slopping wall


Can anyone tell me how to draw a slopping curved wall in SketchUp 2015? Please see attached sketch.

I’m trying to create a curved wall around staircase, I’ve tried drawing and moving the top line down on the side but this distorts into weird sections.

CCF_000013.pdf (174.5 KB)


With a few plugins:

or like this, with TrueBend by ThomThom:


This looks great. the Truebend looks easier! Do you know if this a free Plugin?


Truebend is a free plugin, but the developer deserves a few cookies if you use it.
You can also use autofold to just move one face up on the blue axis, it does tend to make a few strange edges so it helps to split the faces before you do it and soften after. You can use alt or the up arrow.


Thanks Guys!
I did try put the True bend and it looks like that might be OK (as long as I can get the dims right!)
I’ll also try the above option when I have a few spare minutes.
Thanks again…


Truth is there are many many ways to do what you want, how is often determined by what you have and what you want to get.

If you want clearer, more specific options, attach your model when you have time and we can show other options.


You could also try the SU Draw Parametric Shapes plugin from Sketchucation Plugin store, to draw a Helical Ramp with Sides.



Sounds like TrueBend is the winner. Before reading the other solutions my brain went to A & B. Eneroth’s Upright Extruder (which is really just FollowMe Tool that keeps top surface flat). C. Then Vector Push Pull and D. intersect to trim bottom. Always good to have options!


To be as accurate as possible, this is probably the solution.
Adebeo PushLine plugin for pushing the line.


Thanks again everyone - so many options. I’ll try them all out as I’m sure there will be many other ways I can put your suggestions to good use in future:)