Bending along path

hi guys
i trying to create a wall with repetitive components. I’ve spent a couple of hours on youtube for a way of doing it, but haven’t found exactly what i’m searching for.

below is a pic for better understanding.
What i’m trying to do is draw a path, consisting of both straight and curved paths and then repeat a component of a wall along it (the wall will not be a flat block like that but will have geometry on it). however the wall must bend/stretch/reshape itself to fit the curvature of the path automatically.
I’ve found out about pathcopy but unfortunately the wall does not bend on the curve (as seen in the pic)
adjusting the axes wont fix it since edges will never match, especially on tighter curves.
something like shapebender but it looks that it can only do it manually one curve at a time? (and I presume the curve must be split into pieces that match the wall’s width)

so basically what i’m hoping for is to select a path, no matter how long and curved is, and then select an object, which will repeats itself one after the other and stretches accordingly to fit the path. A bit kind of the follow me tool but with a complete component.
can it be done this way? or must I built one block at a time manually? :confused:

oh, also i’ve seen a video about profile builder but i’m sure it can do this since it kind of uses plain geometry or things like fences/pickets and such?

thanks as always

edit forgot the mention also component stinger. which i didn’t manage to make it do anything close to this since the wall came out horiztonally flat, overlapping and of different sizes/angles.

JHS Powerbar and s4u to Components

If you want those boxes to be equal, change the path so that it consists of equal segments.

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yes i think that looks like it does the trick. i’ll look more into it right away and get back to you hopefully successfully
meanwhile big thanks to you

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hi again
im trying the first part of your answer, but somehow im not managing to orient the block as i want it to
its always showing up face down no matter where i rotate it (before placing it)

I have extruded a small block out of it to try and figure out how the orientation works. Ive also changed the axis but nothing changes. Rotating it after it has been copied on the path will have overlapping issues (like the back side of the wall)

edit ok i figured out how to orient it, looks like it needs to be face down for some reason. guess its ok as long as it works

Do not rotate the component, but change the orientation of the axes.

Learn the basics about axes and groups/components, to understand why.

thanks for clarifying
yes i did try changing the axis but didn’t work. for sure i messed it up somewhere. probably i need to explode it and make it component again to have effect, dunno.
will try it again from scratch and see what exactly happens