Bending a huge wall along a curve

Hi Sketch-up community,

I need to create a model to imitate a construction project on real landscape (second picture). To do this, I need to bend the wall I have constructed (the first picture) along a curve similar to the pink curve seen in the second picture. I would like to know if it is possible to bend straight walls alongside a curve if there are rigid components such as fences and another wall attached to the constructed foundament. I also need to create different foundaments with different dimensions and bend them according to the path too. I’ll attach the .SKP file so that you guys can fiddle with the model.



Mauer_C_Zusammensetzung.skp (536.7 KB)

(just looking at the images, not the uploaded file (yet))

The concrete part of the structure could be done with the ‘Follow Me’ tool and the profile (cross section) following the pink path.
The railing has six ‘elements’ where the glass panels part has three. You could probably use the ‘Copy Along Path’ (or curve) or ‘ComponentStringer’ extention to top the whole length with both components.

But in doing so (especially with the railing) I would consider the use of a simplified railing component and a simplified glass panel component. Components with images with transparent areas where there’s nothing or glass. To keep file size low.
Imagine a railing with all these edges.


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Thanks a lot for the input, I’ll be sure to download these extensions!

Umm, Extensions don’t work in Sketchup Free the web version.

I’ll make sure to download Sketch-up make then! :slight_smile:

Good catch Box, I didn’t notice that (upper corner right)

If you’re going to do that, get Profile Builder II. I bet it would do exactly what you want.


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