Creating A Looooong Wall & Railing


I need to draw a specific railing and wall along the outside of a huge building.

What is the best way to draw the railing and wall that runs along side the building below:

The photo above only shows about 1/4 of one side of the building, so as you can see, i have a lot to draw here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Well ,there’s lot of ways to do this depending what you are wanting. If there are tubes (not square sections) involved.
Then i would use components and just copy them up and reduce the amount of side to reduce the geometry. Tube frame.skp (200.7 KB)


Notice the real world structure is a linear array of modular building components.
There’s very little to draw because the same parts are repeated over and over.
Keywords… Component, Copy and Array

See these video tutorials then open the attached model file.
Components — SketchUp Video
Copy and Array— SketchUp Video

Building Components.skp (481.5 KB)