Copy component along curve help


I have the extension to copy objects along a path, but I am struggling to get it to act as I would like/need. Is it not possible to have the object follow the path the way I want?

I have attached the model, as well as some images showing what I am trying to accomplish at the end of the day.

Any advice/help greatly appreciated.

Cheers and Thanks


radius wall stud pocket mockup.skp (192.9 KB)
Screenshot 2022-07-28 225748

In this case, you can use Rotate tool instead of an extension


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I love this forum!

You can indeed use native rotate here, select the first object, use inferencing to find the center of the chosen arc, then press option to rotate a copy. After placing a copy at the end of the array you can type /# return to populate the array with that many copies. ( you can also move the first copy a set distance and type x# to array at set distance)

If you want to use path copy, for instance if you had a compound curve, you need to pay attention to the axis orientation of the component you want to copy.


thanks for the additional option!

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I now have a new issue, in that the geometry of the lines isn’t as exact as it needs to be to use the push/pull on it.

i can clean up the mess a bit with erasing lines and rebuilding it, but then i end up with artifact lines and as I want to export this to a cad file for a cnc router, i need it to be precise.


Screenshot 2022-07-28 235040

radius wall stud pocket mockup.skp (229.6 KB)

It’s best to start a fresh thread for each new question, that helps keep the Forum organized and searchable so specific answers can be easily found by others in the future.


Thanks again.

I will start a new question appropriately moving forward. I was debating that actually, but thought that as it was related to the initial question I would post it here.

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Like the Highlander, there can be only ONE… solution per thread, so it’s handy to keep each solved thread under one thread title that can be searched for by other users in the future looking for that same solution. No big deal. :+1:

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