Copy along path rotation issues



I have recently installed the PathCopy plug-in in order to array some panels around a path, unfortunately when the component arrays, it doesnt rotate in line with the path. Is there any way to fix this or another plug in that works better?




It is dependent on where where the component’s origin is located and the axis orientation. The component’s red axis will be placed parallel to the segment in the path after the insertion point.



Thanks for that, I already have the UCS set up as you described yet it still doesnt line up. also note that the shape isnt a circle. I have 1000mm wide panels along 1000mm sections. For sake of the argument, the path could be an octagon yet the component isnt snapping to the correct rotations.

Any ideas?


How about sharing the SKP file?


Component Stringer is another extension for this type of thing…

but it needs the axis set differently for it…



Array Test.skp (92.2 KB)


Close enough?

Instead of 1000 for the spacing, use 1000.1 or even 1000.05

At 1000 you are hitting the next vertex, not the next edge.



Awesome, I see what was going wrong now. Thats a big help!!!


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